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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions | Nails Of America - Katy, TX

Can anyone really deny the power of beautiful eyes and eyelashes? If eyes are the window to the soul, a gorgeous set of eyelashes is the beautiful decoration that makes our eyes truly shine. A set of bright baby blues is just so much more gorgeous when framed by thick, full lashes.

Some people are born with such gorgeous lashes that they need hardly touch a bottle of mascara. Others, however, struggle with all manner of cosmetics and lash curlers, trying their best, though not often succeeding, to make their thin, short lashes look like those of celebrities. In the past, these people would have simply had to make do with what little they have. These days, though, the answer to the age-old problem of thin lashes is readily at hand.

Eyelash extensions are marvels of modern cosmetic science. While false eyelashes must be applied daily and removed each night, eyelash extensions stay securely in place, through shower and bath, rain or shine. A great set of eyelash extensions can last up to eight weeks when applied correctly, giving you the eyelashes you've always wanted without the hassles associated with old-fashioned false eyelashes.

Many people have questions about eyelash extensions. Here at Nails Of America in Katy, we can answer your questions with confidence. Can you wear extensions? Yes, of course you can! Will they last a long while? Will they make my eyes more beautiful than before? Once again, "yes", and "yes". Many of the most gorgeous celebrities today have had eyelash extensions applied with great results for their careers and personal lives.

Interested? We'd be surprised if you weren't! There's nothing more beautiful than a great, full, lush set of lashes, lashes that do so much to define your eyes and bring out their very best. When you're ready to take that first step, contact us here at Nails Of America in Katy.

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